Jon’s Pizza Crust


After a few months away from the computer, and a few weeks away from the kitchen, I was planning a big re-entry into cooking with some fancy (but still easy of course) recipes from several of the most amazing and beautiful new cookbooks I acquired over my extended winter break. 

I was so excited to get back into my kitchen and try something new to really impress my crowd.  As luck would have it though, the weather outside yesterday was literally -6 (fahrenheit), or as the locals here say, -21 (it’s been 6 years and I am still adjusting to celsius!), so I decided to pass on a grocery store outing, and put those fancy new recipes on hold for a few days… Instead, I was able to work with what we had at home, and make my family’s favorite, and fortunately my easiest recipe that I have been making for years.

Adapted from an SCD recipe I found on-line years ago called John’s pizza (maybe that is why my husband loves it so much) this grain-free, almond flour crust pizza is perfect for a thin-crust lover who can’t live without pizza, but wants to say goodbye to carbs.

Jon’s Pizza

(Adapted from John’s Pizza)IMG_2084


1 cup almond flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 eggs

1/2 teaspoon olive oil

optional: dried basil/oregano


Mix all ingredients in bowl.IMG_2081
Spread over parchment paper lined pizza pan or any baking sheet. The spreading can be tricky because the dough is sticky, For me, using the back of a spoon gently works best. Turn on oven to 350 and place pizza pan inside.  IMG_2083The crust will typically be ready by the time the oven is pre-heated (10-12 minutes) when slightly brown around the edges.  Add toppings and place back in the oven for about another 20 minutes until desired browning. 

IMG_2088yield: 12 inch pizza

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