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Salad Bar Night!

IMG_0229Challah, chocolate, potato chips, lollipops, more lollipops… that was the primary diet of my children over Rosh Hashanah.  Although at home I am careful with what I make and feed my kids, when they are at shul, the rules change.  My daughters have been basically adopted by wonderful members of our shul who each feel it is their responsibility to fill their sugar quota for the week (sometimes the month).  Once a week, I am happy for my kids to indulge and to understand that shabbos is the special day when we get these goodies, a three day yuntif however gets to be a little much in the sugar department.

This week it has been my goal to teach my kids what vegetables are again. Especially my three year old who somehow manages to hide bags of cookies from her Zaidy in her closet.  After studying one of my favorite new cookbooks,michael smith Family Meals by Michael Smith, it hit me, a salad bar dinner night!  My girls, who beg me to let them help in the kitchen, love being the mixers and the ones to decide which ingredient goes next. A salad bar is a perfect way to let my kids get involved and to feel ownership over their healthy choices. Our first attempt at salad bar dinner was a huge success, everyone was so excited about the colorful creations they were making. We made a game to see how many colors everyone could put on their plate, and taste! In addition to how great our dinner tasted, I love the fact that the only part of dinner that required cooking was the simple salmon I baked to go along with the salad.

Tip: cut vegetables can be prepared in advance, most last at least 3-4 days in fridge 

Salad Bar Dinner Night

(Obviously it depends on ingredients you prefer or have in stock, but this was our version)

large bowl lettuce

cooked broccoli

chopped avocado (with lemon juice sprinkled on top)

Made by a 4.5 year old!

cut cucumbers

shredded purple cabbage

roasted beets


sunflower seeds

grated carrots

grape tomatoes

corn niblets

sliced mushrooms

chia seeds

ground flax


choice of Honey Mustard (honey, mustard, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic) or basic Vinaigrette (olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper).

What my 3 year old voluntarily served herself and ate!

Tip: I like to buy organic vegetables when possible and cut them at home, but if you are short on time, most great salad bar toppings are available pre-cut and can make salad bar night even easier!

Tip: cut vegetables can be prepared in advance, most last at least 3-4 days in fridge